Chandu Champion Movie Cast and Crew 2024

Chandu Champion Movie Cast and Crew 2024

In a thrilling announcement for movie enthusiasts and sports fans alike, renowned director Kabir Khan is set to captivate audiences with his upcoming film, “Chandu Champion.” This highly anticipated sports drama promises to take viewers on an emotional and inspiring journey.

“Chandu Champion” revolves around the life of its titular character, Chandu, played by a talented yet relatively unknown actor. The story delves deep into the struggles and triumphs of this aspiring athlete hailing from a small town.

With dreams of representing his country on an international stage, Chandu faces numerous obstacles and hardships along the way.

Director Kabir Khan, known for his masterful storytelling, aims to depict Chandu’s journey with utmost authenticity. Drawing inspiration from real-life sports champions, Khan infuses the film with a powerful narrative that explores the transformative power of dedication and passion.

The movie showcases the training regimen, the sacrifices, and the relentless determination that Chandu exhibits to overcome adversity. As the plot unfolds, viewers witness his evolution from an underdog to a true champion.

Khan’s directorial prowess shines through as he skillfully captures the essence of the sports world, highlighting the intense competition, camaraderie, and the unyielding spirit of athletes.

The film’s supporting cast comprises a mix of seasoned actors and fresh talents, ensuring a dynamic ensemble that brings the story to life. Khan’s attention to detail in the portrayal of the sporting events adds an immersive quality to the film, making the audience feel like they are part of the action.

With its compelling storyline, relatable characters, and heartwarming moments, “Chandu Champion” is poised to leave a lasting impact on audiences.

MovieChandu Champion
Release Date14 Jun, 2024 1
DirectorKabir Khan
Producer• Kabir Khan
• Sajid Nadiadwala
• Sudipto Sarkar
Writer• Sumit Arora
• Kabir Khan
• Rohit Shukre
Release TypeTheatre
Production Company• Kabir Khan Films
• Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment
• Star Studios
Budget₹140 crores (Estimated)
Filming LocationSyon House
Syon Park
England, UK

This cinematic experience celebrates the indomitable human spirit and reminds us that with unwavering determination, even the most daunting challenges can be conquered.

As fans eagerly await the release of “Chandu Champion,” it is clear that Kabir Khan has yet again crafted a masterpiece that will inspire and entertain audiences of all ages.

Chandu Champion Official Trailer

Chandu Champion Top Star Cast

Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif Age, Height, Father, Sister, Children, Instagram
Real NameKatrina Kaif
Age40 Years as of 2023
ProfessionActress, Model
More about Katrina Kaif

Kartik Aaryan playing as Murlikant Petkar

Kartik Aaryan Age, Height, Net Worth, Family and More
RoleMurlikant Petkar
Real NameKartik Aaryan
Age35 years as of 2024
More about Kartik Aaryan

Shraddha Kapoor

Shraddha Kapoor Age, Father, Husband, Net Worth
Real NameShraddha Kapoor
Age36 Years
More about Shraddha Kapoor

Bhuvan Arora

Bhuvan Arora Age, Wife, Height, Movie, Net Worth
Real NameBhuvan Arora
Age36 Years
More about Bhuvan Arora

Stuart Whelan playing as Boxing Fan

Stuart Whelan Age, Height, Movie, Net Worth
RoleBoxing Fan
Real NameStuart Whelan
Age58 Years as of 2024
More about Stuart Whelan

Manoj Anand playing as Indian Diplomat

Manoj Anand Age, Height, Family, Net Worth
RoleIndian Diplomat
Real NameManoj Anand
Age47 Years as of 2024
More about Manoj Anand

Adonis Kapsalis playing as Carlos Pedroza

Adonis Kapsalis Age, Height, Movie, Net Worth
RoleCarlos Pedroza
Real NameAdonis Kapsalis
Age43 years as of 2024
ProfessionActor, Producer, Writer
More about Adonis Kapsalis

Palak Lalwani

Palak Lalwani Age, Height, Date of Birth, Movie, Net Wroth
Real NamePalak Lalwani
Age26 Years as of 2024
ProfessionActress, Model
More about Palak Lalwani

Bharat Mistri playing as Indian Army General B.N. Chaudhri

Bharat Mistri Age, Height, Movies, Net Worth
RoleIndian Army General B.N. Chaudhri
Real NameBharat Mistri
Age58 Years as of 2024
More about Bharat Mistri

Mike Kelson playing as Sultan’s Coach

Mike Kelson Age, Height, Profession, Net Worth
RoleSultan’s Coach
Real NameMike Kelson
Age56 Years as of 2024
More about Mike Kelson

Daniel Eghan playing as

Daniel Eghan Age, Height, Movie, Net Worth
RoleIndian Army General Hari Singh
Real NameDaniel Eghan
Age40 Years as of 2024
More about Mike Kelson

Sonia Goswami playing as

Sonia Goswami Age, Height, Movie, Net Worth
RoleSwimming Spectator
Real NameSonia Goswami
Age40 Years as of 2024
More about Mike Kelson

Himanshu Jaykar 

Himanshu Jaykar Age, Height, Songs, Movies, Net Worth
Real NameHimanshu Jaykar 
Age19 Years as of 2024
More about Mike Kelson

Other Cast & Crew

Star Cast
• Christian PK Reeve
• Kento Yoshioka
• David Chrisman
• Antti Hakala
• Aniruddh Dave
• Vinita Sharma
• Alienna Nova
• Shahan Chaudhry
• Ludovic Gautherin
• Bogumila Bubiak
• Lee River
• Sandeep Choudhary
• Michael McKenzie
• Elena Skryabina
• Ema Ekaete
• Elle Jones
• Preeti Malhotra
• Irina Svecova
• John Polivka
• Harsha Mistri
• Usman Mir
• Gheorghe Schitan
• Ritchi Edwards
• Sumana Bhattacharyya
• Dan A. Sultan
• Kevin Tran
• Jyoti Sharma
• Olga Alexan
• Valeria Kosmidis
• Jean Luc Fontaine
• Sudeep Chatterjee
Set Decoration by
• Maitry Surti
• Shiwani Thakur
Production Management
• Linzy Attenborough
• Sidal Erguder
• Rakxit Gowda
Second Unit Director or Assistant Director
• Robert Miller
Special Effects by
• Kaushik Khedekar
• Keshav Khedekar
• Ewan Callaway
• Patrick Person
Additional Crew
• Ayesha Ali
• Tina Chandorkar
• Vaunisha Kapoor
• Pete Meads
• Robert Miller
• Shubham Patel
Sound Department
• Manik Batra
• Rajeshwar Gupta
• Nandkumar Mestry
• Suleman Sheikh
Camera and Electrical Department
• Jay Gandhi
• Rachita Kapoor
• Kavya Khatri
• Ummala
• Veerabhadra
• Mukunda
• Steve Robbins


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