Samara Weaving: 8 Facts

Birthplace Early Life First Big Role Hollywood Break Producer and more

Birthplace: Samara Weaving was born on February 23, 1992, in Adelaide, South Australia. –

Early Life: She spent her childhood in Fiji and Indonesia due to her father's work.

First Big Role: Samara's acting career took off with the role of Indigo Walker in "Home and Away".

Hollywood Break: She moved to Hollywood and starred in "The Babysitter" and "Ready or Not".

Producer: Samara Weaving produced and acted in the movie "Last Moment of Clarity."

Famous Relative: She is the niece of famous actor Hugo Weaving, known for "The Matrix".

Versatile Roles: She is known for her roles in horror, comedy, and drama films and TV shows.

Recent Work: Samara played a role in the TV series "Nine Perfect Strangers," continuing her rise in Hollywood.